Thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide comments on Melissa, the PSS whose been caring for my dad..

Melissa has been a Ray of Sunshine for my Dad and myself. We enjoy her bubbly personality. When Dad is having a rough morning or I am feeling down, she lifts our spirits. We feel fortunate that Melissa was chosen for us. Dad comments often to me that she is a nice girl and she is a good worker. My Dad rarely gives compliments so it makes me feel good to know he cares for Melissa.

She has taken the time to get to know Dad and has become very in tuned to his moods especially when he has a challenging day. Melissa is able to interact with Dad so his healthcare needs are met and his outlook is a better one for our upcoming day.  She makes him smile on days I know is difficult for him.

I admire her work habits. She is very conscientious and wants to do whatever she can to help and ensures she has done what the plan requires. Often we discuss Dad involving different things we observe about him or ways we can help him more. She is very diligent about letting me know if she notices anything about his cognitive issues or anything else health-wise she feels I need to know. This not only helps give me insight but allows us to act as a team to provide Dad with the best care possible. I keep notes on his general health condition and progression with his dementia, She gives me information I can also relay to his doctor.

She is a very special young lady who is here for her client not the money. I use to work in the healthcare field and I have an ability to detect those whose heart are not in the job they are doing. This is not the case with Melissa, she wants to make a difference in her clients and their families lives. She has done so much for me that has made my days easier as I am Dads 24/7 caregiver. She gives me that time to regroup and keep moving on.  I never worry about anything when she is with Dad, i know he is safe. That has meant so much to me. 

Thank you again for allowing me to express our families gratitude and appreciation for all that Melissa does and how she affects our lives. She has a heart of Gold.


Jane, Bangor



I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for my Dad’s Home Health Aide Cheryl B.  Dad is a very independent person, and it’s hard for him to have people coming into the home to help. Usually he tires of them quite quickly and wants to fire everyone.  However he LOVES Cheryl, and so do I.  She “gets” my Dad (so important!), and they have a very special relationship.  He genuinely cares about her and appreciates her, and often tells me about special things she does such as keeping the place clean and making him delicious egg salad.  And I feel like she genuinely cares about him, and is doing this work because she truly believes in helping people.  It is not "just a paycheck” for Cheryl, for sure. 

Recently my Dad has had a series of hospitalizations and rehab, and he often asks me about her.  He wants to be sure she’s OK (!) and that she knows what’s going on with him.  When I told him that we might be able to get her MORE days per week when he comes home, he was so happy and relieved to hear that.  (You have no idea how unusual this is for my Dad!  It speaks volumes about Cheryl).

A couple of days ago she called him in the rehab and he was DELIGHTED- “You’ll never guess who called me!" That made me so happy I got teary because, understandably, he has been quite down and discouraged lately. These struggles are difficult in the best of times, but with COVID-19 isolating everyone so much, it’s super hard.

I hope Assistance Plus as an organization knows what a treasure you have in Cheryl.  Hold onto that lady and treat her well - she deserves it!

Yours gratefully,

B.R. Harpswell


I enjoy working with you.  When you have a PSS who you have hired, you call me.  You are professional.  Your agency is big and good PSS staff is essential for my clients. You are pleasant work with, easy going, hire PSS’s that are productive and work to their fullest capacity. I always look forward to hearing from you, especially when you have staffing for me. G.M, CC, Lewiston


I wanted to take a quick second to thank you and express what a pleasure it was to work with you. Your program is the best program I have worked with in Maine!! Your passion for your work really shines through; in a thankless field like this it is so refreshing. I appreciate the work you do! M.M, CCM. S.B, Waterville


Assistance Plus has been so good to me. Thank all of you for allowing me to work for you. My passion is to serve and watch my clients become as independent as they can be in this very challenging world we live in. I appreciate and respect all Assistance Plus has done for me over the years. Thank you! M.A, Madison


Assistance Plus is an excellent place to work for. I highly recommend that you should apply to work here. I have been with them for almost two years now and plan to stay with them tell I retire.M.B, Benton


I love working for Assistance Plus! All of the supervisors are great! It’s really a great place to work.E.B, Winslow


The Assistance Plus day program on Michael Lane in Waterville is outstanding. Our son loves the staff, the activities and the other clients. The staff treat our son as they would their own child. They are kind, patient, but with clear expectations for his continued skill development. We also appreciate that we are able to take our son on family vacations without losing his spot in the program. You offer the flexibility and loving support that our family needs. THANK YOU! M.T, Windsor


Thank you Assistance Plus for allowing me to be a part of the team. Thank you for allowing me to hopefully make a difference in the loves of our clients. Compassion is my passion.  M.A, Madison


Having more workers like Danielle, I have had Danielle for a while and she is awesome, she has helped me with so much. I just love her. A.F, Waterville


I think Danielle does a great job she is very caring and has helped me a lot. I would definitely recommend Danielle as a Case Manager to anyone who needed CM services. N.H, Skowhegan


My services are as perfect as they can be. K.A, Fairfield


Assistance Plus is good. Bruce has been with me a long time and that says something. I can set my clock by him.  E.L, Augusta


Laurie is a great worker, does everything and never sits down. She’s amazing. S.L,


I just love my Case Manager Felicia she is my lifeline. She always goes above and beyond to help me and will always adjust her schedule to accommodate my needs if needed. S.B, Waterville


I just love my Case Manager Donna she always goes above and beyond for me. R.W, Augusta


Wouldn’t change anything. My scheduler and PSS are just wonderful and I appreciate all of the help. M.B, Lewiston


I love what they do. They go beyond what their title is suppose to do for you. So much compassion towards clients! B.P, Hartland


I really like Mark he has done a lot for me. I would not be where I am today if not for him. I trust him completely and I am not a very trusting person. He always treats me with respect and makes sure others do as well because I don’t speak up for myself. I would recommend Assistance Plus to anyone who needs Case Management services! K.R, Fairfield


I’ve been with Assistance Plus for 5 years and my Case Managers Amanda and Lynette have helped me overcome so much. I am very pleased with my services. I love that my Case Manager provides active listening skills and I feel comfortable talking with her. I am very happy with Lynette. E.L, Belfast