Children’s Targeted Case Management (TCM)

Children’s Targeted Case Management assists families and children with behavioral health diagnosis, intellectual disability, and/or a serious medical condition. Our Case Managers support the family in assessing and prioritizing the needs of the family/child. Case Managers focuses on the strengths, needs and individual goals developed in the individual treatment plan.

Case Management

  • Advocates for clients’ needs with service providers, schools and other organizations
  • Develops an individualized service plan with clients, guardians and families
  • Monitors the effectiveness of services, natural supports and resources
  • Promotes independence in order to maintain the least restrictive environment for children to be active members of their families
  • Identifies and coordinates referrals and resources to target any needs that the youth and/or family may have
  • Builds relationships and forms partnerships to enhance care
  • Manages behavioral health issues, intellectual disabilities and severe medical conditions

Eligibility Criteria

-Active MaineCare insurance coverage

-Katie Beckett coverage

-Private pay

-Under 21 years of age; if over 18, enrolled in public school

-Documentation of either a mental health diagnosis, developmental disability or a chronic medical condition from a licensed professional

-Diagnosis must be considered eligible under the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or a diagnosis described in the current version of the Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities of Infancy and Early Childhood

We provide services in Kennebec, Somerset, Franklin, Waldo, Lincoln, Knox, Sagadahoc and Penobscot Counties!